Payroll Management

Generation and management of salaries of the employees is a task which can be handled properly only using a machine. But even machines canít perform this task without an equal contribution of a human mind. Setting payment criterias, calculating salary and generating a report for every employee requires more human intervention than that of a machine. To simplify this process, an intelligent software is required that could solve all these problem.

Most of the companies these days outsource the process of generating salaries for their employees to other companies in order to simplify the process and reduce human work. But this method cannot be considered cost effective. They no longer have complete access to the payment records and the receipts of every employee. So, using a software for this purpose not only gives you easy access to this data but also helps in generating reports of the salaries.

Why choose us?

Our software is designed to decrease the human efforts. The easy user interface makes it possible for a common man to operate it effectively. Just enter the value of hours worked and you can calculate the salary.

Salary reports can also be generated easily in PDF format. The report may be of a single employee or of a group of employees(Excel report).

    • The details of salaries can be displayed.
    • Employees can be added and deleted from the database.
    • Details can also be edited.
    • Salary information of an employee can be accessed easily.
    • The print button allows user to generate quick salary slips for each month.
    • The important details like number of leaves taken can be viewed here itself.
    • The salary reports for all the employees for any month can be viewed together.
    • Report for the month can be generated using the ALL SALARIES option.
    • The LEAVES CHART can be used to see the summary for the leaves taken by the employees in a particular month.
    • Salary report for each employee can be printed in this format.
    • The salary report for all the employees for a particular month can be generated in this format as well.
  • Leave report for all the employees for a particular month can be viewed as a chart.

    • The values of the given indexes can be edited easily.
    • These allowances and tax deductions are included while calculating the salary of each employee.
    • This remains the same for all employees.
  • Enter the values of Days Worked, Paid Leaves taken, Advance, etc to calculate salary easily.

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Installation Type : Desktop
  • Multiple Login
  • Manual Backup
  • 5 users


Installation Type : Desktop
  • Multiple Login
  • Manual Backup
  • 15 users


Installation Type : Online
  • Multiple Login
  • Online Backup
  • 25 users