Class Tracker

Management of students and their respective data has become a tiresome and complicated task for Educational Institutes. To know what exactly the issues are, we surveyed over 150 classes personals and found out that problems are faced when analysis of data or reports is required. Maintaining a systematic data flow throughout the classes is necessary. Keeping a record of attendance, enquiry, registration, tests and schedule as well as maintaining transparency with parents would definitely attract better results for the institute.

Why Class Tracker?

So to cater the needs of management in small and big education centre in paper less, easy and secured way, Sustainable Research and development Pvt. Ltd. introduces you to "Class Tracker". Whether it be generation of test report or analysis of enrollment or enquiries, managing classes or their schedules and attendance, Class Tracker tends to make it easier for you. We understand that the person getting to use this software may not be A Tech Savvy person and hence it is made user-friendly where everything can be made available in few clicks. We have considered every possible requirement in this software yet we are willing to customize it according to your need. Get started with CLASS TRACKER

  • Login

    Login Page

  • Dashboard

    The homepage to show the number of students enquiring and the number of enrolled.

  • Manage Subjects

    Here you can add, edit, delete subjects and their fees.

  • Manage Classes

    Helps you to assign the class a name, a class fees, start date and end date as well add, edit delete new classes.

  • Manage Class Schedule

    Helps to manage the class timings.

  • Student Enquiry

    Helps to store and manage the enquiries

  • Enroll Students

    Adds the student in different classes.

  • Students in Class

    You can view the students enrolled in each class.

  • Attendance Sample

    A monthly attendance report of students. Record attendance in the specific format and upload it in software.

  • Attendance Report

    Generates the report of present, absent, late and excuse.

  • Manage Fees

    Keep a track of students and their fees status.

  • Manage Class Tests

    You can add, edit , delete, save test date and passing marks for each dates.



  • Manage and Store Enquiry
  • Shows status of Enquiry(Open, Closed, Pending)


  • Saves data of student Like name, students number, parents number and enquiry
  • One student can be enrolled for one or multiple classes


  • Assign different fees for different subject
  • Keep track of fees collected
  • Student wise received/ returned/ balanced can be maintained

Class Setup

  • Manage subject and respective fees
  • Manage batches
  • Manage class timings, start date and end date


  • Upload attendance in a prescribed format periodically
  • Store and sort attendance of student according to your requirement
  • Attendance for different classes is also maintained


  • Can create/ add/ edit tests, timings for different subjects, classes
  • Can update and store Student's Marks for each and every subject

Our best plans


Installation Type : Desktop
  • Admin Login Only
  • Unlimited Students
  • Works Offline only
  • Send SMS(Requires Internet during sending SMS)
  • Manual Database Backup
  • One year AMC included for 1st Year


Installation Type : Desktop
  • Admin/Student Login Both
  • Unlimited Students
  • Works Offline only
  • Send SMS(Requires Internet during sending SMS)
  • Manual Database Backup
  • One year AMC included for 1st Year


Installation Type : Online
  • Admin/Student Login Both
  • Unlimited Students
  • Available Online
  • Send SMS
  • Online Database Backup
  • One year AMC included for 1st Year